Dynamic and innovative, Warmset was founded with the goal of offering a new solution in the field of electric heating systems for homes and other facilities. Its unique technology, patented and with many applications, catapulted the company into various relevant markets. Warmset has thus achieved major goals on an international scale.
Warmset products are made of select materials and the structure of the multilayer laminated ribbon—the outcome of meticulous tests—provides particular advantages. In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset also offers snow melt applications for the outdoors, radiators, workstation heating, industrial heaters and heating for events and other recreational activities.

Warmset’s objective is to dialogue with the end-user and offer far-sighted solutions to electrically heat homes and industrial and recreational facilities. In all of its activities, Warmset endeavors to follow the principles of versatile use, easy installation and guaranteed comfort for the user. Warmset’s products’ extreme flexibility was in fact designed to adapt to any need and meet the reliability and safety requirements essential to completing modern, long-lasting projects.

Warmset’s philosophy is oriented towards people’s well-being. Its continuous technological experiments seek to improve how its heating items give off heat, making for ever healthier and more comfortable environments.
The technology developed by the company also protects the environment and is entirely green:

• with the Warmset system, all the electricity generated by renewable sources can be completely converted into heat;
• all the materials used to make Warmset products are completely recyclable;
• thanks to its bifilar structure, the Warmset system doesn’t generate any type of electromagnetic emissions whatsoever.