Warmset’s Gold Aluminum hank comes covered with a gold-colored polyimide film coating, a material with high heating properties and very resistant to chemical agents, and an aluminum covering specially designed to heat floors installed by dry-laying. These characteristics make it possible for Warmset to offer this product with an exclusive lifetime guarantee.
This underfloor heating product cannot be installed in cement screeds or covered with glue, but yields its best with parquet and laminated wood floors installed by dry-laying or with floating floors, vinyl floors or carpet. These materials can be installed in direct contact with Warmset technology, thus guaranteeing that the system is fully up and running fast and a uniform spread of heat.

Guarantees and certification



  • 1 Vinyl – rugs – carpet
  • 2 Heat pack
  • 3 Heating in aluminum foil
  • 4 Insulation panels
  • 5 Cement or wood foundation


  • 1 Wood – floating floors
  • 2 Sound deadening fabric
  • 3 Heating in aluminum foil
  • 4 Insulation panels
  • 5 Glue for gluing panels (opt)
  • 6 Cement or wood foundation