Gold Plus Loose Ribbon

The loose ribbon Gold Plus is made with a coating of a polyimide film combined with a metallic PET golden colored that acts as vapor barrier, a material with high thermal properties and very resistant to chemical agents that allows Warmset to offer this product with the exclusive lifetime
Warmset’s Gold Plus loose ribbon can be positioned either directly underneath the final surface (installation in tile glue) or in screed. Thanks to the hard sticking properties of the retakk adhesive, the product may be installed quickly and easily to help you create a custom-made heating system.
The two-wire heating element exploits the convenience of power supply on one side only and the 3 m cold lead, of which it is possible to obtain longer lengths on request. The ribbon allows a more functional installation using the WarmNeep insulation and it can be used also on hard/dusty surfaces. Morover you can install the kit under a floating floor. Installing the Gold Plus Neep kit reduces the thickness of the heating surface, eliminating the possibility of damage during installation and obtaining an ideal insulation for both winter and summer.

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