Camper, Caravan and Mobile Home Heater

Mobile Home Heating for RVs and Caravan

Warmset has developed a new dimension of camper heater, caravans and mobile homes.
Without any structural changes to the vehicles, it is possible to integrate normal motorhome heating with heated furniture or heating carpets. Warmset has developed several solutions that adapt to different user needs.

Warmset underfloor heating in campers, caravans and mobile homes
The Warmset heating ribbon can easily be installed as a camper heater. Thanks to its multilayer laminate structure and its very limited thickness (3 mm), it can be positioned under the floor without creating space problems.
Excellent yields and low energy consumption, for efficient and performing vehicles, capable of offering the user an excellent feeling of comfort. Thanks to its versatility and easy application, it can be used in any type of vehicle.

Camper heater with infrared radiant panels
The Warmset radiant panels are also suitable for campers, caravans and mobile homes.
Two product lines: polycarbonate and metal panels, suitable for all types of installation and vehicles.
The panels spread heat evenly with an excellent surface temperature while remaining cold on the back. Available in various sizes: 60×60 cm – 300 W and 90×60 cm – 400 W and with 12 V or 230 V power supply (with size restrictions). Electric heating panels, with infrared technology and polycarbonate structure: ultra light, with excellent energy performance and fully recyclable , entirely produced by Warmset in Italy. The surface of the panels does not burn, even if it can reach 80 ° C, thanks to its polycarbonate and metal structure that allows it to be used in any environment. A reflective microfilm, with patented technology, avoids any energy dissipation, conveying heat from the front surface of the panel towards the room, ensuring the best comfort for people inside. (Consumption from 0.04 to 0.10 €/sqm per hour)

Camper heater with carpets
Warmset Green Race heating carpets are designed to ensure high comfort in spaces such as campers, mobile homes, caravans and VANs. Thanks to the 100% made in Italy Warmset heating technology, the carpet heat the rooms in an organic and well-distributed way without drying the air. The production in the Warmset headquarters – Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) is able to create customized sizes and colors suitable for all environments.
The rugs can be adapted to all surfaces and spaces such as tables, chairs and sofas made to measure for campers, mobile homes and caravans. Consumption of 200 W/sqm (Consumption 0.04 €/sqm per hour)