Heated shelves for Bayer

Thanks to the flexibility of its technology, Warmset is capable of creating a heated tarpaulin suitable for certain industrial applications, like shelves, supports and containers in the warehouses or on factory floors. With thermal radiation systems designed ad hoc, Warmset guarantees a one-of-a-kind savings and functionality—which couldn’t be reached keeping costs low and the yield high if other systems were used.
In the case of the shelves at the Bayer plant in Filago (Bergamo), the Warmset heated tarpaulin managed to meet many needs: warm just the storage drums with chemical material on the shelf and keep the management cost down, ensuring stable efficiency over time. Furthermore, the Warmset technology composed of multiple layers of metal-plastic material guarantees direct thermal radiation only on the shelf, also thanks to an expanded insulation material. Linked to an automated control system and sensors, system startup is managed automatically according to the parameters set (minimum temperature, maximum temperature).
Project carried out in collaboration with the company Thermodif IC in Crema.