Heating for Public Buildings, Schools and Gyms

Public buildings in general often have energy efficiency problems because there are old and inefficient heating systems.
As well as being inefficient, air-cooled radiators are also unhealthy, they improve the layering of the air and make the rooms unwelcoming.
Thanks to the professionals to whom Warmset is entrusted, we are able to create ad hoc solutions to rethink the energy management of buildings and to make them more efficient.
The main problems encountered in public buildings are:

  • Too hot or too cold in the rooms
  • High consumption without internal comfort
  • Difficulty in management

Warmset electric heating, installed in public buildings, has several advantages:

  • Possibility to apply the heating directly over the existing floor without therefore adding removal costs (by inserting an adequate insulation between existing and heating)
  • Very low installation times and costs
  • More COMFORT for end users without electromagnetic emissions
  • Save for the municipality through a centralized management of underfloor heating
  • Ability to integrate solar panels into the Warmset heating system
  • Minor maintenance or management costs, ease of temperature control and regulation, better inspection

Thanks to our partner and distributor Easytech we have carried out various efficiency works in the town of San Martino Buon Albergo (Vr).

As can be seen from the above scheme, annoying air radiators have been eliminated in the nursery school of S. Martino Buon Albergo by installing Warmset underfloor heating; a new flooring has been installed suitable for children who can now walk barefoot with a pleasant sensation without ever being cold. The municipality also saved 18% of the total energy cost in one year.In S.Martino Buon Albergo (Vr), energy efficiency works have been carried out in various municipal buildings with Warmset technology. In just two years, thanks to the savings achieved, the municipality returned the cost of the intervention. Here are the results: