TESTIMONIALS – Warmset infrared underfloor heating system

Buguggiate Home Project
13 March 2017

TESTIMONIALS – Warmset infrared underfloor heating system

The system I have, I am very pleased with and have used this to help promote the product. It is a different type of warmth and very pleasant. There are no cold spots in each room, it is a very even distribution of heat and feels quite different to the conventional radiator convected heat system that we are all used too.

I have put it in 5 separate rooms. A utility room, we have gone for underfloor heating. The mesh has been set 60 mm under concrete with a soundproofed laminate flooring laid on top.

The hung washing dries quickly, the temp is a constant and floor feels lovely and warm. No radiators that waste good space and look ugly.

The children’s play room is the same, gold mesh set 60 mm under concrete, with soundproofing and laminate flooring. Very nice clean room, no radiators to look ugly and waste good space. The feeling of the room is warm and comfortable, every single person that has walked in is so impressed by the simplicity and feel underfoot, that they are seriously considering a similar system.

The office is again gold mesh set under 60 mm of concrete, with underlay and carpet.

The two bedrooms we have ceiling mounted panels. Looks really nice and is very effective.

We operate the whole system from our PV Solar panels during the day and only really use power in the early evening. Where there is underfloor heating the floor acts as a storage heater and we are achieving 2 – 3 hours of constant warmth with power off.

Very happy with all of it.


All the best,



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