Warmset electric radiant floor heating

Riscaldamento elettrico a pavimento Warmset - foto3
Riscaldamento elettrico a pavimento Warmset

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Warmset electric radiant floor heating is the solution for your building

Warmset electric radiant floor heating is made by a unique technology that ensures better heat distribution compared to any system with a circular heating wire.

Thanks to its flat geometry that offers a very high heating surface and the short distance of the heating elements, Warmset guarantees a uniform and comfortable radiant floor system. This efficiency came from studies that have identified the use of laminated resistive components as the key to achieving better performance. Through the Joule effect, the system distributes the radiant energy in a homogeneous and uniform way, guaranteeing absolute and widespread comfort throughout the area, working with powers suitable for the application needs

Warmset electric underfloor heating covers a surface considerably higher than a standard circular wire, eliminating the presence of hot or cold areas and maintaining a homogeneous temperature that is uniformly distributed through any covering material, such as wooden floor and tile, marble and stone. Moreover, thanks to its flat geometry, thickness is lower compared to traditional pipes.

The core of this unique heating technology is the multilayered laminated ribbon, patented by Warmset. Strong and durable, it is manageable, hard to damage during the installation process and does not require any future maintenance. It is usually collected in mats to help laying, but it can be freely open to avoid obstacles like sanitary or irregular walls.

Warmset electric heating is a solution, which is not only eco-friendly but also highly performing and will certainly guarantee high comfort to your rooms.

It is also important to underline how this technology can be used on any type of building: public or private, factory or single house, outdoor or indoor. In fact, the smart and easy-to-install technology make it an excellent choise.