PCB Insulation for Tiles or Stick Wood

The use of insulation under the electrical floor heating ensures a fast start-up system and a substantial energy savings compared to an equal installation without insulation. You can save more than 50% compared to an installation without insulation. The insulation boards are very versatile: you can paste them directly on the subfloor, install heating and laying tiles or wood directly. The boards are water resistant and are easy to install. The special honeycomb finish allows perfect adhesion to the substrate and to the finish top.

  • High Energy Saving
    It reduces start-up time: 30 minutes with insulation and more than 2 hours without insulation.
  • Economic advantage
    The product pays for itself in 2.5 years of operation.
  • Primary heating
    Using the insulation, our system may be the only source of heating in the house.
  • Rugged and durable
    High resistance to compression.
  • Easy installation
    Easy to shape. The product also clings very well to any cementitious substrate or wood finish thanks
    to the particular cement honeycomb finish.

Technical Characteristics