Warmset thermostats are the perfect combination of functionality and affordability.
Thermostats are complete with air and floor temperature and they are very simple and functional, complete with all the functions.
The thermostats are easily programmable. Box recommended for mounting, size 60 x 60.


The W-Plug is a Wi-Fi socket that can be controlled via a mobile app. Using the ON / OFF function or scheduler, it is possible to program switching Warmset plug-and-play systems on and off using your smartphone.
Basterà semplicemente connettere il dispositivo associandolo tramite dei semplici passaggi alla rete wi-fi (istruzioni allegate) e il gioco è fatto.


The WTR8200 Warmset thermostat is specially designed for floor heating system control and allows accurate temperature regulation for significant energy savings. The simple and clean line and the practical touch screen display make it an object that is well coordinated with home furnishings. It is equipped with a function that controls the temperature of the house and the floor, and allows a combined action, as well as a daily and weekly schedule. It also adds other convenient features such as holiday mode, ECO or antifreeze.