Heating Mat – Wall Heating – Warmwall Black

Warmset’s Black technology has an outer covering in the form of a polypropylene sheath. For its application to the wall, the WarmWall Black product retains all the technical characteristics of the floor product, with the difference that it can be applied even in those contexts where the use on the ground is difficult or not possible.
The fiberglass mesh on which is fixed the Warmset multilayer laminated ribbon, is gathered in mets for convenient laying; the mesh is also used to be embedded in screed and glue, preventing breaks and cracks. Its application to the wall in the various stratigraphies allows to create a homogeneous radiant surface, provinding thermal comfort especially in those contexts where little power is required, allowing the walls to be covered only in the necessary area. With a drywall instead of a fiberglass mesh, is used the Warmdrywall Aluminum Black, an aluminum film support with lateral adhesive flaps for fixing to the uprights.