Housing Complexes in Lodi

The Warmset underfloor electric heating system is the ideal system for those creations that call for a combination of a number of technologies to get the best efficiency and cost for the well-being of the people in a home. In the Lodi project, carried out in collaboration with Thermodif IC from Crema, 17 housing complexes were built.
Thanks to the combined use of electric systems (Warmset underfloor heating), heat pumps with splitter for air conditioning) and of a micro CHP plant as a source of domestic hot water and electricity, we managed to provide the residents there optimal comfort at a low cost thanks to the Warmset underfloor system in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer, ensuring minimal management costs through the tax reduction in effect on the use of a renewable source like the micro CHP plant. Furthermore, the automated control systems in the individual apartments allow easy and rapid management of Warmset heating, guaranteeing ideal well-being and intelligent consumption.