Heating for Places of Worship

Warmset has developed different products made to the church heating and religious structures.
Warmset’s innovative technology allows its underfloor heating systems to cover even large surfaces and to be particularly suitable for heating structures with very high ceilings.
Warmset has also developed the possibility to guarantee comfort and serenity also for individuals or groups of people thanks to specific products such as radiant wall panels or made-to-measure heating mats, suitable – for example – to heat the entire neighboring areas on benches or benches intended for prayer.

One of the solutions designed by Warmset for the church heating is made by heating platforms. This solution allows to provide localized comfort to the faithful during the function thanks to the warmth perceived in the lower limbs. A probe will allow you to set the temperature of the platform in a range between 26 and 38 ° max. The air temperature inside the church will not undergo substantial changes if not using all the platforms continuously. In the electrical panel, the possibility of a timer-programming of the schedules on a weekly basis may be provided. The platform is resistant to the stresses caused by use and from the benches resting on the heating. Church heating will be efficient and will ensure a high degree of well-being for the faithful.

Another valid solution designed by Warmset for church heating is the use of custom-made heating carpets for ecclesiastical spaces.
The carpet is an elegant heating solution that must be applied without the need for wall interventions; easy to remove, it does not constitute an obstacle for cultural heritage legislation. It is possible to choose the color that best suits the building thanks to a large selection of fabrics.
Easy to clean and comfortable for walking, the carpet is one of the best methods of heating churches.